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We offer comprehensive support for the overhaul and repair of a variety of different engines, including Turboprop, Turboshaft and Turbofan as well as APU’s and Line replaceable units (LRU’s). We have a close working relationship with suppliers and MRO’s to ensure we are able to provide cost effective and fast solutions to the needs of our customers. At APW Aviation we hold ourselves to a high standard only working with the best in the industry, that being those who are fully approved and supported by leading manufactures. If you have an engine requirement give us a call today and we can look at the best solution for your needs.


Are you looking for an exchange or outright purchase option?

We are constantly searching the market for available engines/LRU’s and are able to present a large array of available options. All our engines will be fully certified and released with a test certificate from a reputable MRO or Manufacturer.

Do you have a time/cycle expired engine which you’re looking to sell?

We are always looking for normal time expired engines. Please send us the engine details, location, reason for removal, logbook statement and details on the life limited parts and we will make an assessment with a view to purchase your engine.


Hourly rate programs

We can also offer programs to suit your needs – engines only, engines and APU or complete Aircraft. If this is something you’re looking for contact us for pricing details.

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